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Tree Care Services

Including Tree Care, Arborist Services & Landscaping

We are proud to offer comprehensive, high-quality tree services, arborist services, and landscaping to every client in the New Glarus, Madison, Fitchburg, and Verona areas.

Our Tree Services Include:

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Free Consultations

Free Consultations for landscaping, tree work, planting, and plant healthcare. At Community Tree Care, we want to make sure you are advised honestly about what your trees, plants, and landscape require and would benefit from. Our Consultations come with no expectations, so make sure to make an appointment!


Tree Removal

With Certified arborists, advanced climbing and tree access skills and tools, and years of experience, Community Tree Care can safely and professionally remove your hazardous or undesired trees at a competitive rate.

Tree Pruning

Proper tree pruning can extend the lifespan and increase the value of your trees. Regular maintenance can help prevent dangerous tree failure, or that irritating mess of dead branches each season!


Tree Cabling

Cables can be installed in a tree when recommended to brace it against limb failure, and help reduce the chances of damage to the surrounding area of a tree.

Mulch & Topsoil

We offer mulch and topsoil management. If your lawn and garden is looking shabby, a fresh coat of grass, topsoil, or mulch can freshen and revitalize your landscape. Community Tree Care has you covered!


Planting Services

We are happy to help you create a planting plan that incorporates native, pollinator friendly, and diverse species. Our knowledgeable staff can navigate your needs and wants, and find the best plants available to suit you.

Plant Bed Installation

If you need a fresh new planting bed, with any choice of edging, stone, mulch and variety of plants, Community Tree Care can bring excellence to your vision.


Shrub & Garden Maintenance

Every plant needs a bit of attention, and our staff can elevate yours to greater beauty and health. From Banzai pruning styles to shaped hedges and glistening flower beds, see what we can do for you!

Landscape Design

Our passionate staff can help you design a landscape project that fits you and your budget! 

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