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Community Tree Care FAQ


Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about our tree care and arborist services.

  • Why should I have my trees pruned, cabled, or serviced in any way?
    The cost of tree maintenance is much smaller than the cost of having to remove a tree due to failure that they are more likely to have if they are un-maintained. A tree that is serviced by an experienced arborist will have greater longevity, reduced risk to the home and surrounding property, and will be a more aesthetically beautiful addition to your living space. A properly followed tree plan can help your garden plants, lawn, and home flourish with better lighting, reduced debris, and greater soil health.
  • Should I really remove this tree?
    It is not uncommon that after being told by another person or company that a tree should be removed, I have been able to help a client keep their tree in proper health instead. However, if after a thorough evaluation we determine that a tree poses too much threat to its surroundings, Community Tree Care is equipped to remove trees safely, and often for a more affordable price than our competitors.
  • Can I just have you come take a look at my property and answer some questions?
    Absolutely, we have free consultations with certified arborists and love to educate our community on best practices. If another company has concerned you with their suggestions, get a second opinion with our experts. What should I plant?- With thousands of potential trees, shrubs, and other plants to choose from it takes years of experience to properly determine what best fits your landscape, soil, and vision. Our tree and garden experts are happy to help you navigate the options, and can create a new landscape design or plant healthcare plan personalized for you.
  • Why should I choose Community Tree Care?
    I founded Community Tree Care when I already had a community of clients that have had me work for them for years. My clients have me return every season to work for them because I have a personalized approach to their needs, the best prices, and the horticulture knowledge to take the best care of their trees and plants.
  • Is there a better option for my yard space than a lawn?
    Absolutely, lawns can require a wasteful amount of water and maintenance. Wisconsin has a wealth of native grass varieties, pollinator friendly plant options and shrubs that can be a great option to replace your lawn with. No-mow grasses can be an environmentally friendly and low maintenance alternative to your usual lawn varieties. Mulch beds can fill space with more color and diversity. The list of lawn alternatives is long, and we are happy to find something that fits you best!

Our Team of Tree Service Professionals Are Here To Answer All of Your Questions



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